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The QGIS Australia Organisers #

QGIS AU has been around for awhile with 2 official get togethers in Noosa and Sydney. And sshhh - yes we are QGIS Australia - but we welcome all from the region to partake and encourage the establishment of your own national QGIS group. This group has been speaheaded, managed and revived by Andrew Jeffrey, John Bryant, Nathan Woodrow, Nyall Dawson and Emma Hain.

We are currently building our foundation and look forward to welcoming the community to the organsation committee.

If you want to be involved, contribute to the website or the newsletter, please let us know via the QGIS Australia mailing list.

Support of QGIS Australia #

We give thanks to OSGeo Oceania for supporting QGIS Australia through their micro-grants we have used for our local events and for sponsoring this website.