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Run a local QGIS event

·3 mins

Running a local event in your own backyard is good. It builds our QGIS community from the base up by connecting each of us with like-minded people. #

How do I start? #

Just do it. Start small and aim to run multiple events to get the momentum going. Chose a location, perhaps a local cafe, library or university space. Use the microgrants to fund the coffees or some pizzas. You can piggy-back on other events, such as GeoRabbles to find your people. Perhaps do a short presentation at another GIS event about using QGIS and your experience with the community, have a date set up for the next meet-up and publicise it at the end of the event.

What will I need #

  • Work out the type of event
  • A venue
  • The magical ability to grab peoples attention

Type of events #

  • Informal meeting at a cafe or other venue
  • A walking meeting - perhaps take a hike
  • Contributors/Working group
  • Mapping party (find your local OSM peeps to help you here)

Venue #

The venue will be guided by the type of event. If you chose a cafe or bar, you can include food as part of the micro-grant. For those events where there is no catering like a library or university, you can use the microgrant to purchase some food or order some pizzas (if its allowed - I mean timtams are a must aren’t they?). If you wish to use computers, in addition to somewhere to sit, will you need access to power and wifi?

Get people’s attention #

  • Let the community know via the email list - in the subject line, use your location, so like Grafton QGIS Local Event.
  • Use the event calender - if you find you cannot add an event, email QGIS AU to provide you access.
  • Send out a notice in the QGIS Happenings - email QGIS AU with the details to be added.
  • Plan out at least a month prior and then email once a week about it. When it gets closer to the event, put out more reminder notifications.

How will I fund it #

OSGeo Oceania has microgrants of $250 available for this very reason: to support our community to grow and connect. Accessing microgrants is as easy as clicking the Apply for a Grant button on their Funding page.

  • Give 14 working days to be successful
  • Keep your receipts
  • Take photos (please get consent from people in the photos)
  • Publicise and don’t forget to tag us
  • You will be asked to provide a post-event report about the activity, including information on the number of participants and what was achieved.