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009 - 17th April 2024

·3 mins

Current unanswered questions on the QGIS AU User Group email list #

GIS in the Cloud - Whats your experience? #

We would like to collate a guide for using OS GIS in the cloud for our reference page - íf you have experience in this, we would like to hear from you. Please start a discussion on the email list.

QGIS AU News #

Admin/Coodination #

Our Coordination strategy is growing!

We are looking at setting up our own Google workspace to enable coordination of the community. This would give us specific ‘QGIS AU’ email addresses and room to store our working documents. Int he first instance, we will seek funding from OSGeo Oceania to assist with maintaining it.

We are also considering separating out the Weekly Newsletter from the QGIS AU Email list through a ‘sign-up for the Newsletter’ button on the website’s homepage. This will enable us to reach the community that are not the on the Email list and for those who wish not to partake in it. This could go towards reserving the QGIS AU email list for dealing with more 2 way communications. We will run the newsletter to be more visually appealing using a service such as MailJet.

QGIS Project News #

Grant Voting #

Thank you for the responses so far in regards to the the QGIS Grants Voting. This closes this weekend so we are keen to get your feedback. Follow the conversation on the QGIS AU Mailing list. It is encouraged to click on the links in the email to view the discussions to help form your opinion on the topics as some that may seem relevant, may have some strong issues not to support it.

Events #

Locate in May #

If you are heading to the Locate Conference, hit the email list and let us know, we can be there to support your presentation (really, we would want to hear it anyway), organise a QGIS meet-up or just ensure you find each at the GeoRabble on the first night &pm - check the Events calendar for more info. If you would like to present at the GeoRabble, email

FOSS4G Oceania Hobart #

Logo Competition #

Any budding designers, submit a Logo for consideration. You can win a full conference registration, a conference dinner ticket and swag with the logo! Find more info here

QGIS Workshops - Tuesday 5th November #

For possible themes for workshops, check out the post here We can’t take up a huge amount so I would love your input on what workshops we should run so we can put them in soon.

QGIS Meetup at the Conference - Monday 4th November #

As the Monday is free, we have lightly discussed that we should have a QGIS get-together. A thread on this has been started QGIS Meetup at FOSS4G Oceania ‘24.

Plugins #

Need to find geological resources across the world? Jack Maughan has just made your life easier! Check out his Mineral Exploration Web Service Plugin for his (and one of the most enjoyable) instruction videos on how to load it up.

Mineral Exploration Web Service Plugin

Logs, logs, logs - what more does a geologist dream about. Check out the OpenLog plugin in the QGIS Plugin Manager.
OpenLog Plugin

Newsletter Content #

Finding these emails boring and want to contribute some content? You can provide an interest story, a report on an event or a technical instruction. Head to the Content Contrbution form to fill in your contribution. We will then contact you to run through the contribution.