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010 - 24th April 2024

·4 mins

This week we pay respect to our fallen, our veterans and serving Members for Anzac Day, learn how to make a Firefly map, delve into raster tools and get involved in FOSS4G Oceania. #

From the QGIS Community #

Australian Military Mappers #

Going through the AWM records, I found possibly about 30 Surveyors who had lost their life whilst serving, here are two, Eric Thorpe and Ashley Birt.
Eric Thorpe: 1944 WW2 PNG
Ashley Birt: 2011 Afghanistan

Out of interest - if you were to serve today, here are the roles available:
Navy: Hydrographic Systems Operator
Airforce: Intelligence Analyst -Geospatial
Army: : Geospatial Intelligence Analyst
Read up on the history of the Royal Australian Survey Corp that mapped most of Australia and a bit of Oceania. I heard of sorties - up until the ’90s - that went to survey islands where you spent a month surveying - well one week surveying and the rest fishing. Ahh the life before computers and satellite imagery!

Hints and Tips #

Firefly Map #

Check our Helen makes Maps tutorial on how to make Firefly maps.

See the Original post and over at Geoobserver, they have already done the hard work for you and created the QML.

Working With Landsat Surface Reflectance Data in QGIS #

Robert Simmon, from the USA, who specialises in visualizing satellite imagery using GDAL shows us how to work with Landsat Surface Reflectance data in QGIS by L.

Plugins #

Orfeo ToolBox #

Remote Sensors! Orfeo ToolBox has previously been packaged with QGIS but since 3.36, it will be available now as a plugin which you can download from the QGIS Plugin Manager. It can process high resolution optical, multispectral and radar images at the terabyte scale. A wide variety of applications are available: from ortho-rectification or pansharpening, all the way to classification, SAR processing, and much more!

The following plugins were suggested by our helpful community to help stitch together raster data (plans) prior to georeferencing.

Freehand raster georeferencer #

Freehand raster georeferencer allows you to stretch/rotate raster images.

Gimp Selection Feature Plugin #

Gimp is an OS tool similar to Adobe Illustrator and interacts with QGIS quite well such as .qml and .svg creation. This plugin provides Gimp Selection Feature Plugin is great for interacting and creating a polygon using the gimp tools such as Fuzzy Select. Other software options apart from GIMP include and for image distortion Hugin - here’s a tutorial for it.

FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2024 Hobart, 5-8th November #

Design the Logo and get yourself free tickets to the conference and the dinner.
The Travel grant Program, often referred to as the ‘TGP’ is open if you require assistance to attend.
Enter a presentation - there are 20 minute long presentations and short 5 minute presentations called ‘Lightning talks’. If you have found a cool way to do something, have an interesting project or just want to celebrate what you love about Open Source - including journeys, this is your time to shine. The Lightning Talks are a great way to either pitch a new idea or tool, or talk about your mapping hobby, or do a review on an event you attended.
Here are some pictures to inspire you!

2018 icebreaker
2018 sponsors
2018 talk
2019 workshop
2019 talk
2019 community day
2023 dinner

Grant searching #

Do you need funding or looking to fund a development? Use the list to see whether there are like-minded people/groups that can ban together. This is done extremely well by the local QGIS User Groups in Switzerland, Denmark and the UK to fund regional development. If you would like to have yours listed here, email the list with the details.

Here are some current opportunities that have approached North Road. We would like to see if there is interest in the community and if anyone has a lead on grants that may help fund development.

  • Open Drone Map QGIS Integration
  • Bathymetric Survey QGIS Tools Opportunity, particularly for seagrass exploration.

Newsletter Content #

Finding these emails boring and want to contribute some content? You can provide an interest story, a report on an event or a technical instruction. Head to the Content Contrbution form to fill in your contribution. We will then contact you to run through the contribution.