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011 - 1st May 2024

·3 mins

“Being a User of open source is good, being a contributor to OS Software is better, being part of the community - that’s the best” #

Hans van der Kwast, April, 2024

Events #

FOSS4G Oceania SotM Hobart 5-8th November #

Tickets are now on sale!
The logo competition is closing soon - win yourself a free ticket and merchandise!
The Travel grant Program is open!
Submit your presentation and represent QGIS!

QGIS AU News #

QGIS AU Open Day - Monday 4th November 2024, Hobart #

Get inspired by the Dutch User Group (see the QGIS Open Day post below) to see how we might run our QGIS Open Day on the Monday at FOSS4G Oceania in Hobart this year. Its more about knowledge exchange. They used an unconference format where they came up with their own agenda on the day and then split into groups. They also had merchandise to celebrate it! For a venue, perhaps we need a classroom environment and then, after the event, move somewhere else for drinks and meals. If anyone knows of anywhere we could run a hackathon, send it to the list!

QGIS Grant Voting #

QGIS Grant voting occurred last week and only 6 could be selected. After feedback from the community, QGIS AU voted for the following QEP to receive grants. We look forward to seeing the results soon.

Mitigate Abusive Tile Fetching on OpenStreetMap (OSM)@nirvn€3,300.00
Implementing CI Qt6 Windows Builds through vcpkg@m-kuhn€14,000.00
PyQGIS linter warnings@troopa81€5,200.00
Update older annotation items to new framework@nyalldawson€8,000.00
Clean up point cloud index and improve its thread safety@wonder-sk€3,000.00
Fix access to remote data sources in WebAssembly builds@wonder-sk€4,000.00

QGIS Project News #

QGIS Open Day #

Meet the Dutch QGIS User Group with Hans van der Kwast where they were working on Python and Plugins. It was a really inspiring and there were great discussions on Women in FOSS4G, and some very wise words towards the end from Hans!

  • In education, put QGIS under the Open Science Umbrella.
  • When you are digitising something, put it on OSM if it isn’t there so it’s there for everyone

The next one is in a month - the last Friday of the month check out the links here

Hints and Tips #

Data workflow #

  • Don’t download data, use what is out there online and then clip out what you need from these for your project. This means you have the latest supplied from reputable sources.
  • Can’t find your data? search online with keywords such as ‘rest’‘services’‘arcgis’ ‘your theme’.
    • Go to the website and click at the top of the page until you get ‘Home>services’. This will provide you with a lot more folders to search from.
    • Copy the address and add it to the browser panel under ArcGIS REST Servers

Newsletter Content #

Finding these emails boring and want to contribute some content? You can provide an interest story, a report on an event or a technical instruction. Head to the Content Contrbution form to fill in your contribution. We will then contact you to run through the contribution.