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013 - 22nd May 2024

·3 mins

The QGIS Open Day is coming up soon and they need speakers - anyone? Also it may be time to plan your conferences for next year - we have added a few - Sweden anyone? We bring the place of techno-lords in Neo-feaudalism to your attention to posit OS’s role in a brave new world. For our hints, we look at aeronautical maps and old-time land cover symbology. #

Events #

QGIS Open Day (QOD) Friday 31st May is the next QOD - got something to share? Head to the QOD page and email Amy (

Brisbane Geospatial Network
Wed June 5th, Platform Bar, 270 Ann Street Brisbane City, QLD 4000

QGIS AU User Group Meet-up
We are currently looking at venues for our meet-up so we would like to get an idea of numbers - let us know if you will be likely to attend here.
FOSS4G SotM Oceania Hobart 5th-8th November 2024
Voting closes soon on 24th May for the FOSS4G SotM Oceania logo! Click here to vote

QGIS User Conferences 2024 - Bratislava, Slovakia
2025 - Norrköping Sweden is the official QGIS User Conference in the first week of June. Also if the Auckland FOSS4G bid wins, we can run a QGIS event - perhaps a day at a Waiheke Island winery might do the job!

Everything Open Conference - January 2025 Adelaide
Everything Open is a conference focused on open technologies, including Linux, open source software, open hardware and open data, and the communities that surround them. The conference provides technical deep-dives as well as updates from industry leaders and experts on a wide array of topics from these areas. It occurs every year and in 2025 it will be held in Adelaide during January - Subscribe for updates to keep updated.

Neofeudalism: techno-lords and peasants #

When you come across those days wondering if OS is worth continuing with, I have a podcast to show how important a role OS software plays in our future. Called The Philosopher’s Zone, David Rutledge discuss what could be worse than capitalism with Francis Russell, who describes himself as a philosopher and a unionist. To see how this plays out fictionally, check out the Mars Triology by Kim Stanley Robinson.

FOSS4G Story Maps #

At FOSS4G SotM Oceania Auckland on Community Day we ran a session on what we wanted out of a Digital Story Cartography Product for FOSS4G. Since then we have all gotten busy with our lives and it has fallen by the wayside. Before the lull, we did come across Oddyssey, which ABC have picked up and developed a bit more - Check out their GitHub. If you would like to jump in and further develop it, please join the foss4g-productdev slack on maptime oceania.

Hints and Tips #

Aeronautical maps - check out Duplex Younkap Nina method on production of aeronautical maps here

Aeronautical maps

Old time land cover patterns Evan Applegate has come through with providing a selection of land cover tiles that you can download and use.
You can grab these tiles from here.

Landcover patterns

Newsletter Content #

Finding these emails boring and want to contribute some content? You can provide an interest story, a report on an event or a technical instruction. Head to the Content Contrbution form to fill in your contribution. We will then contact you to run through the contribution.