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014 - 29th May 2024

·4 mins

QGIS Open Day is on this Friday! So stay up late and check out the happenings! We have 2 great podcasts for you to listen to and the FOSS4G SotM Oceania Logo Winner has been announced! #


QGIS Open Day #

This Friday is QGIS Open Day - tell the community about something awesome you are doing!

  • Meet the developers at Felt as they present their latest version of the ‘Add to Felt’ plugin.
  • Check out the QOD Wiki for more information.

QGIS…Just the Basics! #

One to send out to your peeps that are just getting into QGIS or want to know ‘how to QGIS’! Designed for beginners, this session will cover the fundamental concepts of QGIS and how it can be utilized to visualize, analyze, and interpret geospatial data. Sign-up for the Webinar via Zoom.

QGIS AU User Conference #

Monday 4th November, Hobart We are looking for people for the conference committee. We need to make decisions like what cool merchandise we should get and how we should organise the day and where to go after the day for dinner! Super casual so if you are local, we’d love your help and if you are not local, you can help from afar. Please email Em if you would like to help.

QGIS Workshops #

This year at FOSS4G SotM Oceania, we plan to conduct at least two QGIS workshops on the official workshop day. Additionally, on the day prior, during the QGIS AU User Conference, we will host our own QGIS Hackathon and can include some workshops in that event as well. We might also explore more specialized aspects, such as:

  • Train the Trainer - how to run a training session internally for my organisation or a local session
  • Enterprise QGIS set-up - delivering the perfect QGIS installation and environment to your users
    So let us know what you would like see delivered on the day via this QGIS AU User Conference Attendance form.

FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2024, Hobart #

The logo winner has been announced! Congratulations to Cholena Smart from Mammoth Geospatial, whose design thoughtfully incorporates the outlines of Oceania’s landforms, with Tasmania highlighted.

FOSS4G Oceania 2024 logo

Time to start getting things booked for this year’s FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2024 in Hobart

QGIS Project News #

Plugin Website submissions #

As of 03 June 2024, providing a license file will be mandatory for any new updates to existing and new plugins published according to QEP#279.

QGIS User Conference Schedule Released #

Some really great papers by some of the QGIS Gurus (we are not worthy) will be presented, check them out here.

Mac for QGIS #

QGIS Plugin Blog #

QGIS Map Showcase #

This has been around for awhile, but I just rediscovered it - so here you go, enjoy the QGIS -Map Showcase on Flickr.

QGIs Map Showcase

Podcasts #

Volodymyr Agafonkin: The Story behind Leaflet, Building the Simplest Mapping Library & Life in Ukraine #

Volodymyr delves into how he started leaflet the importance of scratching an itch in the creation of tools. You can watch or listen to the podcast and I love at the end of Mind Behind Maps podcasts they always ask about podcasts and books.

37 myths about native forests! #

I nearly fell out of my hammock when listening to Robyn William’s The Sceince Show on ABC this weekend - they actually said “Geographical Information Systems” out loud! Well it was David Lindenmayer (30min 40s) espousing how Dr Chris Taylor’s analysis on current use of slope in the forestry industry.

Support Disaster relief mapping #

This weeks tasks include:

  • Flood mapping for Chennai, DRC Congo and Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Earthquake mapping for East Sepik in PNG and Hualien.

Check out the HOTOSM Tasking Manager to get started.

Newsletter Content #

We’re on the hunt for captivating stories, event reports, or technical guides from our vibrant community! Share your contribution by filling out the Content Contribution form. Once submitted, we’ll reach out to discuss your submission and bring your exciting content to life!