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015 - 5th June 2024

·3 mins

So much great news this week - FOSS4G Global is coming to Auckland, Oceania in 2025! We have a venue for QGIS AU Users Conference! Felt is sponsoring QGIS for another year! #

But not so great is the devastation in PNG - there is an urgent call-out for mappers in HOTOSM Taskng Manager - details below on how you can help. #


QGIS AU News #

QGIS AU Regional Conference, Monday 4th November #

We have a Venue! The beautiful IMAS Building in Hobart - big thanks to Leo for getting this sorted for us. Now we can pursue the rest of the coordination: schedule, food, dinner venue, swag & etc. If you are keen to be involved, ping the QGIS AU list.


QGIS Project News #

Flagship level sponsor announced! #

The QGIS project announced Felt’s continued flagship-level sustaining membership of QGIS.
Felt’s contributions will allow the project to continuously improve QGIS’ functionality and documentation, as well as the QGIS project infrastructure, including our 2024 Grant Programme. In addition to their membership, Felt is releasing a new version of the “Add To Felt” QGIS plugin Developed by the talented team at North Road , the plugin makes it easy to upload your data from QGIS to the web, where you can share it with colleagues and clients. The newest release includes raster data support and more robust preservation of styles from QGIS to Felt. This enables seamless integration and a flexible workflow between your desktop and the web.


QGIS Open Day #

Check out QGIS’s flagship sponsor , Felt, presenting “Add To Felt” at the QGIS Open Day

Has anyone got a great presentation we could put forward for the next open day - you can make it earlier as well so we can all tune in over a beverage on a Friday night. Perhaps a discussion on using QGIS within a Corporate system. We could run it across three presenters. Let us know if you are keen to participate.

FOSS4G News #

AUCKLAND HAS WON THEIR BID TO HOST THE 2025 GLOBAL FOSS4G!!!!! A massive effort was put in by the OSGeo Oceania community to win the bid to bring the global to aotearoa/New Zealand for 2025. A big thanks go to OSGeo Oceania for supporting it and the coordinators Simon Nitz, Alex Leith, Greg Lauer and many more. If you want to be in on the organising, let them know via the MapTime Oceania Slack #general channel.

2025 FOSS4G Host

Styles #

Stuck with what color to use in your map? Here is a handy tool called Coolers.

Plugins #

Georeferencer Extension: creates virtual images (VRT) instead of GeoTIFFs and also lets us crop the georeferencing result on-the-fly. The main advantage is that with iterative georeferencing, we can update the already loaded result again and again, as VRT files can be overwritten. The plugin also allows us to quickly and easily crop already georeferenced images.
“Add To Felt” QGIS plugin has a new release with a focus on integrating your QGIS styles with Felt.

Support Disaster relief mapping #

  • Flood mapping for Afhanistan, DRC and Brazil
  • Earthquake mapping for East Sepik, PNG
  • Landslide mapping for Enga Province, PNG

Check out the HOTOSM Tasking Manager to get started.

Newsletter Content #

Finding these emails boring and want to contribute some content? You can provide an interest story, a report on an event or a technical instruction. Head to the Content Contrbution form to fill in your contribution. We will then contact you to run through the contribution.