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QGIS Australia User Group. #

The QGIS AU group was established in 2017 with the main objective to support QGIS users throughout Australia.

We have an active online discussion group and our mission is to engage and grow our community.

Made up of end-users, hobbyists, scientists, professionals, students and developers, all are welcome and we recognise the importance of everyone’s input.

Check out our weekly notices under The Happenings #

Join the QGIS Australia User Group now! #

Official QGIS Links - The main QGIS project website
QGIS Blog - News from the QGIS project team
QGIS Issue Tracker - Need to file a bug or feature request? Do it here!
QGIS Code on GitHub - Want to peek at the source code?
QGIS QEP Tracker - Read about proposed changes to QGIS
QGIS Plugins - Find extra bits to extend QGIS
QGIS Hub - Your source for QGIS Styles and Layouts contributed by the QGIS Community
QGIS Dashboard - QGIS User Analytics including use by country, number of opens, version use statistics and much more (great for business cases)

Other OSGeo Projects and Links #

It’s not just QGIS! QGIS is part of a large OSGeo community which includes many great tools, some of which make up the foundations of QGIS.

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